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Do you need your own personal promoter for your new art series?

Do you want to get your work in front of the most people possible?

Do you want to focus on being artist while a team of highly creative marketers sells your art for you?

Are you sick of living the starving artist stereotype?

ArtFarmTV Presents: Highly Marketed Promotions for Artists

We are looking for quality artists to showcase through our unique creative marketing. Don't worry. Getting your awesome work to the market is FREE to you!

Submit a series of your work to be highly promoted and advertised by ArtFarm's creative marketing team and placed in front of thousands if not millions of art loving patrons inside & out of our community.

We will work closely and patiently with our new artist members to help setup your profile and gallery effectively for these promotions. From content to technical support, we have you covered!

We are running at least two promotions a month, so feel free to submit as often as you like for more than one series. If your series is chosen, you will hear from us within 48 hrs via the email address you have provided.

For best results, please fill out your submission below as thoroughly as possible. This information tells us how much we can help you.


For these promotions, the artist MUST set up the following for their profile:
     1. Connect a Stripe account to recieve payments
     2. Upload AT LEAST one priced print to show in the active gallery.
     3. Set up commission offerings for patrons to pay you during your promotion. (Example)
          • 8x10 Pencil sketch - $50
          • 11x14 Ink Drawing - $75
          • 11x14 Full Color Illustration - $150
     4. Set up portfolio with samples and descriptions of your work to correspond with your commission offerings.
     5. Connect a YouTube account to store your video content for the future. (Optional if you don not want to save your live streams)
     6. Install OBS Studio. (We will provide installation assistance and a custom ArtFarm skin for your video)
     7. During your promotion period, all sales will be encouraged to be completed through your ArtFarm profile.

I agree to the conditions above.

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We print, package, and ship your prints for you!

4. How much do you want sell your prints for and what size(s) do you want to offer? (You can choose 1 size or all sizes):
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16x20: $
20x30: $

5. Are you offering commissions in the theme or style of this series?*
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