What is Artfarm?

Artfarm is a fully functional, self-contained art community for everyone to enjoy. The best part is it's FREE TO JOIN and be a part of all aspects of the community. If you're an artist needing the world to see you shine, Artfarm is your answer. If you're someone wanting to fulfill your art needs for personal or business purposes, simply sit back, relax, and watch your favorite artists create their masterpieces for you.

  • Artfarm is a community dedicated to reshaping the art world into something truly magnificent and very much needed!

  • Artfarm is a marketplace for any and ALL art needs, Consumers and Artist Entrepreneurs alike! Artfarm plugs the world into the lives of artists.

  • Artfarm is a management platform for artists to engage with the world, interact in the community, and be promoted on or offline using our tested and proven innovative methods. Artfarm maintains your inventory, tracks your sales, and even ships your prints. Artfarm realizes artists' strengths and picks up the tasks artists don't enjoy doing.

  • Artfarm is a business solution that allows artists to focus on what is most important, creating. Artfarm takes on business needs such as advertising, promoting, booking, and commissioning so artists don't have to. Artfarm truly believes that artists were put here to create and share, so we allow the artist to be the artist and not have to worry about the business as much because, for an artist, less energy on mundane worries means more energy for creating!


  • Artfarm is a mentorship program that trains artists to do what they want and make a living from it! Artfarm teaches artists "trade secrets" that no college degree has even considered. Artfarm is your missing success manual. Artfarm does not believe in charging money for information that inspires, cultivates, and educates creative people to expand their creative abilities. Artfarm gives artists access to FREE tutorials and courses that will help artists realize and maximize their fullest potential for success.